Working at Crown Beverages Limited (Corporate Culture)

At CBL, we have embarked on an all-inclusive journey that is not only making culture transformation a big part of our business strategy but also a rewarding venture for all its key stakeholders.

We are a large organization with Territory Sales Managers and depots all over the country but are being brought together under the journey name, I AM CROWN – Committed, Responsible, an Owner, a Winner, Noble.

We are a big family made up of different tribes, professional skills, and personalities but there is unified awareness of our individual contributions to the business. We are guided every day, by our culture pillars; Compliance, Accountability, Professionalism, One team one goal, Commitment and Inclusive Leadership.


Internship Programme

Crown Beverages Limited boasts of highly competitive and impactful Internship program. This program runs for 6 months and application procedures are circulated within all our media platfroms. This internship will expose all participants to the vast practical experiences of working at CBL giving each one an impactful insight on how the organization operates.
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Interview with Naris Twinomuhwezi, One of Crown Beverages Limited's longest serving members of staff
  1. How long have you worked at CBL?
    12 years
  2. Take us through the different roles you've held through the years
    I started off as a Technical Operator, then to Line/ Shift Manager. I was then promoted to Maintenance Manager, then to Production and Engineering Manager. I now serve as the Head of Operations. It has been a rewarding 12 years.
  3. What does your current role entail?
    • Managing the productivity of the Operations workforce, which has 217 members
    • Managing the efficiency and effectiveness of the assets/equipment
    • Budgeting and controlling expenses for both OPEX and CAPEX
    • Driving the 20% Key Performance Indicators that contribute 80% of the business growth
  4. What do you like most about your job and about working at Crown Beverages Limited?
    My job is very challenging, it keeps me vigilant and enthusiastic. Crown Beverages Limited is a fast-growing company with an ever-evolving business strategy. Everyday, we review targets and commit to work hard, we are given a chance to pull up our socks where need be and celebrate our wins. It’s a good place to work.
  5. What is the highlight of your stay at CBL? Any moment you'll forever live to remember.
    I have closely and interestingly participated in the growth of the CBL business. A full month breakdown on PET line 6 Labeler in June 2019 was a tough period to remember but we went through it just fine.
  6. Any advice for professionals who may want to join Crown Beverages Limited and to new staff
    Yes, Crown Beverages Limited welcomes those that are ready to grow with it and impart a positive change towards the business performance. If you're that person, please apply for any available vacancies within the year.
  7. What is your motto or personal mantra?
    Always remember your starting point. No matter how successful you become, it is important to keep in mind where you started. That is the only way you can appreciate your journey.