Pepsi MAX, the great tasting no sugar cola has finally come to Uganda as part of CBL's ongoing focus on not only helping consumers make healthier choices but entrench its position as Uganda's leading beverage company. The maximum taste, no sugar refreshment was launched yesterday at the Nakawa factory.

"While health is high on the agenda, taste is the number one reason for soft drink purchase choice so we are focusing on delivering our Pepsi MAX great taste message to our regional consumers", Timothy Luzinda Head of Marketing said at the launch.

The Pepsi Brand Manager, Ernest Ssentongo said that Pepsi Max strives to be at the heart of key passions of the younger generation and much as the innovation pipeline is weighted heavily towards no sugar, the brand celebrates youth and encourages them to always enjoy what they love with no regrets.

Pepsi Max is already available countrywide in shops and supermarkets at 1,000shs for 330ml and 1,500shs for the 500ml PET bottles. The brand will enjoy CBLs renown countrywide distribution network.

Mr Ssentongo Ernest further reiterated that several exciting activities have been lined up countrywide to not only create awareness amongst Ugandans but also get them to taste the new Pepsi Max.

Pepsi Max has been in the international markets since 1993 with several countries enjoying this Max taste; United Kingdom, Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, United States, South Korea, Bulgaria, among many others.

Pepsi Max Components

Maximum Taste, No Sugar. A bold and refreshing fizzy drink with no sugar.
Low Calorie carbonated cola.
Best served chilled or over ice.
Packaged in plastic Bottles that are 100% recyclable.

For More Information Contact
Allen Ssempa
Corporate Communications Manager
Tel: +256702609811/ 777075940

About Crown Beverages Limited
Crown Beverages Limited is Uganda's oldest soft drinks company. The company is 100 per cent Ugandan owned. The company's range of carbonated soft drinks includes; Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mirinda Fruity, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Pineapple, Mirinda Green Apple, Sting, Evervess Tonic and Nivana water. The products are available in returnable glass bottles and plastic/PET bottles.