Carbonated Soft Drinks

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Pepsi Regular
The world’s best tasting cola was created in 1893 and brought to the Ugandan market in the 1990s. In a world that is alive with new possibilities but sometimes hard to escape conventions routines and expectations, Pepsi gives you the fizz to break out and discover the new, for the love of it.
Enjoy it at home, with friends, with meals or on the go.
Grab a bottle and enjoy this irresistibly refreshing drink.
Enjoy the irresistible classic cola taste in Various packs.
Pepsi Max
Pepsi max is our bold disruptor that is challenging conventions and reframing cola as you know it. We've added character to cola embodying all the confidence and boldness.
Enjoy Maximum Taste and No sugar. The ground-breaking Pepsi max offers the same crisp refreshing taste of Pepsi. Its bold, its fresh and its full of flavour.

Mountain Dew

Famous for its iconic colour and citrus flavour, this magical green drink will quench your thirst every day of the week.

Launched in Uganda in 2008, it has grown to be one of the most popular brands in the country.

Mountain Dew isn’t just a soda, it is fuel for the DOERS who want to live on their own terms, be daring and adventurous.

Flavour Profile: Crisp, fresh, citrus flavour with a bold tingling impact on the palate.



Life is fun and playful and so is Mirinda, a brand that captures our love for vibrant, delicious playful moments. For the hustlers, the creators, the dreamers, and innovators. There is nothing worse than when creativity slows, and inspiration runs dry. Mirinda believes there is a creative expression in all of us. It’s just waiting for the right catalyst to awaken it. Bursting with vibrant bold refreshment, Mirinda is the tingle, the buzz and the spark.
Free your fun side with Various mirinda flavours.


Evervess Tonic was created for those who appreciate the refined tonic taste. It is the brand for the classic and distinguished style. Evervess Bitter Lemon comes with a unique real, crisp, tasty, fresh zesty flavor to capture the distinctive taste of original lemon. Evervess Bitter Lemon flavor does not lie primarily in the ability to be mixed with spirits, but in the outstanding flavor potential as pure refreshment with a strong character. Mix it Up