From Left to Right : Paddy Muramiirah - CEO , Chris Kayoboke - Director, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda - Former Prime Minister of Uganda, Amos Nzeyi - Director

About Crown Beverages Limited

Crown Beverages Limited is Uganda's oldest beverages company. The company's range of carbonated soft drinks includes Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mirinda Fruity, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Pineapple, Mirinda Green Apple, Evervess Tonic and Nivana Water in three varieties namely, Tangerine, Strawberry, still and sparkling. The products are available in returnable glass bottles and plastic/PET bottles.

Crown Beverages Limited is 100% Ugandan owned and has a good corporate social responsibility record, with major investments in sports, education, music, health, entertainment, plastic recycling, and other community initiatives.
In 2019, Crown Beverages Limited beat 200 other companies world over, to win the PepsiCo global bottler of the year award, the highest annual regional recognition conferred upon PepsiCo’s best bottling partner from PepsiCo Europe and Africa.

The collaboration of a supportive board, a collaborative PepsiCo franchise team and a motivated, innovative, and fast thinking team of employees have seen the factory grow from the Nakawa plant to the new bigger supplementary plant in Kakungulu that guarantees to boost production capacity.

Crown Beverages Limited also received the excellent taxpayer award for the financial year 2017/18 in its recognition as a top taxpayer by Uganda Revenue Authority.


Crown Beverages Limited was initially a state-owned parastatal under the name, Lake Victoria Bottling Company Limited. It started its operations in early 1950's and was privatised in 1993 under the United Nation’s Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) of privatisation. The new owners named it Crown Bottlers Limited on acquisition from government with all shareholders who acquired it from government being indigenous Ugandans.

In 1997, the owners of Crown Bottlers Limited entered a joint venture with International Pepsi Cola Bottling Investments Limited (IPCBI) from South Africa in which IPCBI acquired 51% shares and assumed management of the company.

In October 2001 the Ugandan shareholders acquired the majority shares (51%) and assumed full management of the company. The Ugandan shareholders carried out radical restructuring measures and appointed a new management team that has over the years overseen the recovery of the company through proper corporate governance. Crown Beverages Limited is a franchisee, bottling all its products under authority of Pepsi International INC Purchase NY.

Crown Beverages Limited is situated in Nakawa industrial area in Kampala and employs over 1,000 personnel both directly and indirectly. The company has witnessed continuous growth for the last 6 years and is currently the market leader of Ugandan Carbonated Soft Drinks industry.

Crown Beverages Limited seeks to have its products widely available. It employs an intensive distribution approach with 57 Contact Distributors and over 100 depots, to have its beverages available in every district in Uganda. Crown Beverage Limited products are available in well over 100,000 retail outlets that vend carbonated soft drinks in Uganda. Crown Beverages Limited products can be bought from kiosks, dukas, groceries, supermarkets, restaurants, canteens and depots countrywide.


Soft carbonated drinks enjoy mass appeal in Uganda. Consequently, Crown Beverages Limited’s marketing activities and plans target youth and young adults who choose these products as their number one beverages. We seek to avail products that are of high quality, energising, great tasting and refreshing to our customers who are often very mobile and passionate about life.

CEO's Message

Welcome to Crown Beverages Limited!
As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make Crown Beverages Limited a formidable player in Uganda’s soft drinks industry, a reliable business partner and a wonderful place to build a career. As a business, we;
  • Produce and distribute refreshments to delight our consumers in East and Central Africa
  • Acknowledge that consumers are our strength and survival, and therefore tailor our operations to suit their needs and expectations.
  • Take pride in having distributors and suppliers as our partners and we commit to maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with them, as well as other business associates.
  • Aim at achieving the highest international quality standards in all we do.
  • Emphasize and pursue integrity in all our dealings and operations and will not compromise on generally acceptance corporate governance.
  • Are committed to our social and environmental responsibilities.
  • Foster an enabling environment that builds teamwork, trust and respect.
  • Value people and empower them through learning and development, while recognizing and rewarding performance.
The story started with Lake Victoria Bottling Company, a government parastatal with franchise to bottle PepsiCo products in 1951. In 1993, the company was privatized to a consortium of local investors who renamed it Crown Bottlers Limited, and PepsiCo renewed the franchise to work with the new owners. In 1997, International Pepsi-Cola Bottler Investments, a South African firm acquired a 51 percent stake in the company and renamed it Crown Beverages Ltd. It is in 2001 that three local shareholders - Amos Nzeyi, Chris Kayoboke and Dr. Margaret Kigozi paid out their counterparts and acquired 100 percent control of the company.

Following decades of investment that has seen the private investors acquire new glass bottling lines and PET packaging lines added to the Nakawa-based plant, several new products introduced and now a new site opening soon in Kakungulu, the company has witnessed unprecedented growth and is today one of the leading employers and taxpayers in the country. The market has rewarded us with more loyalty, allowing us to grow our sales volumes year after year and we couldn’t be more grateful.

That is Crown Beverages Limited — a manufacturing company with a proud history and a bright future!

On behalf of Crown Beverages Limited, I invite you to explore our website and learn more about all the products we have to offer. I am sure you will see why we love what we do.

Paddy Muramiirah, CEO


Delighting everyone in East and Central Africa with refreshments


We produce and distribute refreshments to delight our consumers and provide a robust return to our stakeholders through continual process improvement.

Core Values

  • Consumer focused - Consumers are our strength and survival. We therefore tailor our operations to suit their needs and expectations.
  • Distributors & suppliers are our partners - Distributors and suppliers are our partners and we are committed to maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with them, as well as other business associates.
  • Quality first - We aim at achieving the highest international quality standards in all we do.
  • Integrity and good corporate governance - We emphasize and pursue integrity in all our dealings and operations and will not compromise on generally acceptance corporate governance.
  • Social and environmental responsibilities - We are committed to our social and environmental responsibilities.
  • People are key - We foster an enabling environment that builds teamwork, trust and respect

Our Corporate Culture (CAPOCI)

This year, we have embarked on an all-inclusive journey that is not only making culture transformation a big part of our business strategy but also a rewarding venture for all its key stakeholders.

We are a large organization with Territory Sales Managers and depots all over the country but are being brought together under the journey name, I AM CROWN – Committed, Responsible, an Owner, a Winner, Noble.

We are a big family made up of different tribes, professional skills, and personalities but there is unified awareness of our individual contributions to the business. We are guided every day, by our culture pillars; Compliance, Accountability, Professionalism, One team one goal, Commitment and Inclusive Leadership.

Quality Assurance

Our everyday policy is a policy of supervision and attention to the quality of our products and services.

In fact, everyone at Crown Beverages Limited is committed to quality and the efficient quality system facilitates national and international competitiveness, ensures a high reputation for our products and a strong credibility with our clients and suppliers.

Our process approach is a customer-oriented management model and our quality system is totally integrated and combines:
  • Requirements of business process management
  • Highest product safety and quality assurance principles and environmental management requirements.
We manage our safety policy in accordance with UNBS and PepsiCo international standards as well as customer requirements.

Our concern for the environment has expanded from a local approach to the corporate level with a focus on plastic recycling and waste management.

Board of Directors

Amos Nzeyi


Margret Kigozi


Chris Kayoboke


Ephriam Kubai


Executive Management Team

Paddy Miramiirah

Chief Executive Officer

Hilda Mbabazi

Head Of Finance

Hillary Olupot

Head Of Compliance

Rhona Kyikansemeza

Head Of Human Resources

Naris Twinomuhwezi

Head Of Operations

Leaticia Mukakibibi

Head Of Logistics And Procurement

Joram Bamwine

Head Of Quality Assurance And Food Safety

Timothy Luzinda

Head Of Marketing

Semion Kizza

Head Of Information Systems

Edgar Atuhaire

Head Of Sales

Product Catalogue

In its 28 years of existence, Crown Beverages Limited has produced refreshments whose brands names have become a household necessity in the region and have achieved remarkable market share. The Crown Beverages Limited brand portfolio consists of different brands, each with its own target group. The trust we’ve built for years, is now our strongest reference that allows us to build deeper relationships with our customers.

We are proud that our refreshments have been brightening up homes, parties, events and we are even prouder of the trust our loyal customers have shown us over this time. By monitoring trends and consumers’ desires, we have developed a range of new drinks and have made changes on several others. In this way, we want to let our customers know that Crown Beverages Limited is always innovating with the customer needs in mind.

Reasons to Believe





Antibribery Policy

  1. In accordance with Crown Beverages Limited Ethical Policy, any Supplier, service provider or distributor who is approached by any Crown Beverages Limited employee or related party with request for or indication of (whether directly or indirectly) a kickback or who has reason to believe he/she has been unethically treated due to refusal or failure to provide a kickback shall promptly report incident through or by calling the +256 0312 343208 to enable Crown Beverages Limited resolve the incident.
  2. Crown Beverages Limited prohibits the payment of bribes and the payment of any facilitation payments in connection with its business operations. Crown Beverages Limited may terminate the agreement for the default, if the Contractor/Supplier breaches this clause or any applicable anti-bribery laws in performing its obligations.
  3. Crown Beverages Limited encourages all contractors/Supplier/Partners that in the execution and performance of their duties pay any bribe or facilitation payment or commit any conduct that constitutes an offence under relevant anti-bribery laws.